Pyrenees Places to Visit Enjoy Wine

Perpignan La Catalane
Come visit the place Dali named the “centre of the world”. Perpignan has decked herself out in her finery to host your holidays or business trips. Its very name evokes southern charm. It sings the glorious heyday of the continental capital of the Mallorcan kingdom.
As a City of Art and History, Perpignan is really worth sightseeing. History is everywhere, from convents to museums to chapels and processions. Traditions are still perpetuated so that the city boasts a rich and diversified cultural life.
Life is everywhere, in the steps of the Sardana, a jazz harmony, a rock chord, a gypsy guitar. Perpignan offers this abundance of treasures in its shady narrow streets and cool squares with bodegas, plane trees and palm trees. Come and experience the Mediterranean way of life. Here you can relax on café terraces under the sun or in the shadow of plane trees and palm trees.

Collioure, jewel of the rocky coast
This picturesque Catalan port, with its church built in the sea, is really a delight for sightseers! Nestled in an astonishing environment, this unique town has always been a source of inspiration for painters: the “fauvisme path” shows 20 reproductions of Matisse’s and Derain’s works where these two masters painted the originals earlier this century.
In the narrow alleys, amid the colourful houses which are bathed in light, discover painters’ studios and shops selling regional products as well as a typically Mediterranean way of life.
Visit the salting workshops of anchovies and discover how this fish is still prepared in the original traditional manner. From The Madeloc tower, situated above sea level, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the rocky coast.
Finally, enjoy the pleasures of the sea and imagine a swim between the 17th century church and the 13th century Royal Castle.
French Catalonia is a sightseer’s delight!
Sculpted by history, the region boasts an array of treasures, from prehistoric times to Modern art.
Here you can discover the oldest European man, impressive Romanesque abbeys and cloisters, fortresses, a Baroque heritage, charming medieval cities, villages listed as The plus beaux villages de France, Modern art paintings and works, Live a unique experience on board the yellow train, a yellow and red coloured train, that runs on a picturesque line through fantastic landscapes of the Pyrenees.
The Catalan country is also a land of traditions: people still speak Catalan and many feasts punctuate the year. During Easter week, you can attend the Holly Friday processions, scheduled for centuries. At the summer solstice, the St John’s bonfires inflame all the country.
Here you can still dance the sardana, a symbol of brotherhood and happiness, on the squares of the villages.
Catalan gastronomy and Roussillon wines
French Catalonia is a land of tastes and wines. Here you will savour the delights of Catalan cuisine and Roussillon Wines.
Catalan cuisine is colourful. It combines the use of Mediterranean sea and earth produce with a spicy touch.
Countless value-for-money restaurants offer local dishes and an awesome variety of wines with many assorted aromas. Here you can enjoy lunches taken on a terrace and savour our southern tasty barbecues, either under the sun or in the shadow of trees. All this is washed down with red, white or rosé Côtes du Roussillon wines to be chosen amongst infinite treasures which come from wine co-operatives or wine producers’ themselves.
All along the wine routes you can visit many cellars. They give the opportunity to taste dry wines and natural sweet wines ‘ Vins Doux Naturels’, like Banyuls, Maury and Muscat de Rivesaltes

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